Brewery Consulting

Social Media, Marketing, Branding, Labels

Brewing & Brewery Social Media, Marketing, Branding, Labels, Website Consulting

Not sure how to setup a Social Media presence, website or a marketing plan?  With 6 years of experience we have grown our brewery with tens of thousands of followers, impressions and customers.

Legal and Regulatory

Brewing & Brewery TTB, Zoning, Legal, Regulatory Consulting

Having a tough time figuring out how to gain a TTB permit, local zoning approval or state statutes?  We've been through the gambit.  Talk to us and we can provide advice and help you navigate through the various regulatory stages of opening a brewery.

Equipment Purchasing & Space Planning

Brewing & Brewery Equipment Purchasing and Space Planning Consulting

Not sure where to purchase your equipment?  Tight with space?  PLC controllers?  We can help plan your equipment purchases, where to get them and how to set them up and operate it.

Beer Recipes

Brewing & Brewery Beer Recipe & Beer Technique Consulting

With your home brewing chops you are ready to take the next step and open your brewery.  But do you know how to upscale a recipe and production ready it?  How about grain utilization, new techniques in dry hopping or how about yeast propagation?  We can help!


Brewing & Brewery Distribution Distributor Consulting

You make a great beer but do you know how to work with distributors?  Know the difference between markup and margin?  How about shipping, case packing, shelf space, keg returns, excise taxes?  We've been with big and small distributors and in 7 states.  We've been through failure and success.  We can help you navigate that next step.

Contract Brewing

Brewing & Brewery Contract Brewing Consulting

Did you know Shebeen Brewing has contract brewed for several breweries like Fat Orange Cat, Boondoggle, Greater Good, Pioneer, Shakesbeer, Best Friends Lunch?  If you are willing for our self distribution team to help sell your beer we might have space for you in our brewery.